Our activities and progress

  • Fortnightly parent training and workshops (3 hours) conducted by Consultant Paediatrician, Psychiatrist and Occupational Therapist. The aim of this training is to share knowledge, empower parents, offer management guidance, discuss problems faced by parents and find solutions.
  • Training is done in English and Tamil so that all can understand and benefit.
  • Whatsappgroups have been run effectively by group members to share information training slides, resources and help. There are 50 people in the group including wider parts of the UK and Sri Lanka.
  • Library of books and useful materials for parents to borrow, to learn from and to share the benefit with others.
  • Children’s sports activity group to promote play, fun and social interaction. This also promotes outings for families to socialise and help others.
  • Telephone support provided by parents to each other and by the Consultant Paediatrician when needed.
  • Assessment of children by the Consultant Paediatrician when possible and when needed to offer second opinion, reports and multi modal management. This has helped children get the correct diagnosis and identify associated problems so that proper management strategies are implemented.
  • Support is offered for siblings. A few families go on holiday together by supporting each other to have fun and enjoyment.

Many parents have been empowered and feel positive in identifying their gaps and improving. This contributed to improving the self-esteem of children and parents. Children are performing well step by step, have obtained awards and made new friends. They are all on their way to becoming resilient!

Next Steps…

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