Sparks is a parental group started on 21st September 2018 which helps families with children affected by Neuro Developmental Disorders in the UK.

Our Vision and Objectives

We parents are united in our mission to achieve resilience. We work with other parents, friends and professionals in our community to enable our children with Neuro Developmental Disorders to achieve their potentials, live full, active, independent lives, promoting self-care and building resilience.

Our Values

S-Special needs children. We ensure the children’s special needs are identified by appropriate authorities so that they receive timely and correct multi modal intervention. This is very important to prevent the child being inappropriately punished or excluded from education and to help overcome the difficulty faced by the child and family.

P-Promote. We work together to promote improving the neurodevelopment, wellbeing and quality of life of our children and family members.

A – Acceptance. We accept and acknowledge our children’s autism and associated problems so that we can find the solution. We dispel the myths, negative information and taboos. We also focus on our children’s strengths and positive qualities to celebrate success.

R-Resilience. We recognise the fast-moving digital life, disruption, chaos, stress and negative outlook experienced by many. We work together to bounce back and come out of problems to achieve the potential of the child and family and prove that we are resilient.

K-Knowledge. We know information is power but we need to get it correct, on time, and understand and use it to change our attitude and habits to help our children and family. We also try to use all methods to disseminate and share information with others for the benefit of all.

S-Support group. We have experienced the overwhelming feeling of dealing with uncertainty when managing our children’s long-term conditions without guidance and appropriate intervention. We understand the power of love and support from helpful fellow human beings. We proactively developed the support group SPARKS, to unite those affected families, friends and professionals. We create opportunities to offer help, and share love and compassion to uplift the affected children, family and community.

Next Steps…

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